Saturday, March 10, 2012

Out of the Closet

So to speak.

I posted on Facebook the other day that I had lost 50.5 pounds now. I couldn't help it. It feels so freaking good - and also surreal. Like I can't even believe I'm actually doing this.

I was very wary of sharing about this weight loss journey (despite this blog, that I don't think many people read anyway so that's why I've been sharing here). Wary because of all the times in the past when I stood up and said, I'm doing it, I'm really doing it this time - just to fail. I didn't want people to think x,y,z about me if I shared and failed again.

But, nothing (bad) that anyone could think or say about it me could hold a candle to some of the crap I've thought and said to myself so...I'm out of the proverbial closet.

I am doing this - and I'm out of the business of talking shit to and about myself. {Funny how that can make a big difference in how you treat yourself and what you put into your mouth}.

I also know that I am loved - overweight or not.

I'm just heading to the not option - and having a pretty damn good time too.