Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Rule

This is the new rule at my house (and within earshot of me).

I'm practicing it for myself, for sure.

I didn't lose 72.5 pounds (and more to come) only to put myself down because of this, that or the other thing.{and I'm always gonna have a bigger bottom than top - it's just part of my sexy self}

And I don't want to hear people I love beating up on themselves either.

I will be enforcing this. With ruthless compassion.

I hope you will too.


p.s. And it's more than "beating up on myself (or yourself). It's deflecting compliments or negating them by saying things like, "but I've got a lot more weight to lose".

AND it's 74 pounds now! :D

p.p.s. Let's include strangers in this too! Stop making judgements based on how someone looks. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012


This photo (taken this past Sunday, May 13) surprised me.

Usually I see a photo like this - and I ask the person to remove it from Facebook. I look at my face, and my body and then I usually need some time to myself.

The first thing I thought when I saw this was, "I look normal!".

Not that being overweight (which I still am) isn't normal. I just didn't have one bad thing to say or think (even with messy hair, no make-up and a spatula in my hand). It just is. And I love that girl.

Even more surprising was this photo I saw the other day. It was taken 1 month and 1 week before I started this weight loss journey.

Holy crap. This made me feel depressed for a few moments and then I got it. I've lost 72.5 pounds since this photo was taken.

I have. 




And nobody is more surprised than me.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Just Sayin'....

Here are some things to NOT say to someone who is losing/ has lost weight:
{not ALL of these have been said to me...}

* you look SO MUCH better
* you better slow down/stop now, you'll float away
* you better slow down/stop now, you'll lose your curves
* don't get too thin
* you skinny bitch

So, what are some things to say to someone who is losing/has lost weight?
{ALL of these have been said to me....}
* you're kicking ass at the weight loss!
* you look great, gorgeous!
* holy crap, you've lost weight!
* I'm proud of you
* you're inspiring

 Thank you for the love and support. It's making a world of difference for me. xo

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Deep Thought for Today

"You will stop turning to food when you start understanding in your body, not just your mind, that there is something better...Truth, not force, does the work of ending compulsive eating."
—  Geneen Roth

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Getting Unstuck

Here I am. 63 lbs lighter. I got a little stuck between 50-60 and had so much going on - family visits, birthdays, illness. 

I kept on trucking - just in a little bit of a lower gear.

I came up with an action plan last Monday to kick it into high gear (and then promptly got sick) but I'm back, baby. I'm back! 

My Action Plan:
* plan meals & eat them (i.e. Stay *ON* Program) ~ this has been part of my success since the beginning. To stop, think and plan ahead for what I'll eat the next day. Then I just eat that plan. 

* no going out to eat ~ this is part of the above and I'm just reeling it in a bit. I can easily find things to eat at restaurants but it's harder and much more tempting so I'll putting this on hold (for now).

* track days *on* program ~ I'm doing this like a good manufacturing plant: 123 DAYS ACCIDENT FREE. I don't know if this one will work for me, by I'm willing to try it. I know I haven't had caffeine, soda, sugar, and other things for 147 days. And knowing that it's been 147 days, it helps me to not have those days and have to start the count over

* read Life is Hard, Food is Easy by Linda Spangle ~ I'm reading a bit of this every day.

* Zumba 4-5 times per week ~ (as soon as I can stop coughing, I'm back on it!)

* walk Molly every day that it's not raining

* drink 100 oz. water per day ~ I've been really good with 80 and pushing it up to 100 now

* blog once a week ~ HELLO! :D

And adding in now - getting how freaking amazing I am. Every day. No matter what I weigh. 


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Out of the Closet

So to speak.

I posted on Facebook the other day that I had lost 50.5 pounds now. I couldn't help it. It feels so freaking good - and also surreal. Like I can't even believe I'm actually doing this.

I was very wary of sharing about this weight loss journey (despite this blog, that I don't think many people read anyway so that's why I've been sharing here). Wary because of all the times in the past when I stood up and said, I'm doing it, I'm really doing it this time - just to fail. I didn't want people to think x,y,z about me if I shared and failed again.

But, nothing (bad) that anyone could think or say about it me could hold a candle to some of the crap I've thought and said to myself so...I'm out of the proverbial closet.

I am doing this - and I'm out of the business of talking shit to and about myself. {Funny how that can make a big difference in how you treat yourself and what you put into your mouth}.

I also know that I am loved - overweight or not.

I'm just heading to the not option - and having a pretty damn good time too.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Size 18 Jeans & Onward

I went clothes shopping yesterday and tried on a pair of size 22 jeans (I was wearing a size 24 at the time that were too big). The 22s were HUGE on me.

The saleslady was all, "you need an 18". I was all, "yeah right".

I ended up with the 18 (and they're a tad loose).

They were having a buy one/get one half off sale and I asked my shopping buddy if she wanted the half off ones because I wasn't going to get 2 pairs of jeans. She did.

BUT, then I thought, oh, shoot, I could have got a pair of size 16 because I'll be needing those.

And that's how I know this time is for keeps.

I have never been so confident, so sure in my life. I just know that I'll be in a size 16, 14, 12, etc. in no time.

It's fun and scary and thrilling and 40.5 lbs gone since November 21.

Onward. :)