Friday, November 12, 2010

Glad No Matter What

SARK just released her newest - and 16th book: Glad No Matter What: Transforming Loss and Change into Gift and Opportunity.

I love this book and it has softened me. I'm also one of the featured Portraits of Joy & Transformation in the book and doing this opened my heart wider.

She's playing games on her blog and I'm going to play too....

Transforming What Hurts Into What Helps

Share one thing in your life that's challenging or difficult, and one thing that you're glad about that challenge or difficulty. Something like this:
"I sometimes feel overwhelmed with all there is to do in my life and business, and am glad that I am healthy and able to do things" That reminds us of the "marvelous, messy middle" of feelings. I call it "Practical Gladness" This will further develop your transformational abilities.

Here's mine:

I'm overwhelmed by the trip I'm taking home next week and want to be able to visit everyone and spend lots of time with all my friends and family and I'm glad that I am loved and have so many to love.

Want to play too? Go here: