Friday, February 22, 2008

Boffo Oregon Folks #1

We met the Walters family when we found their house for sale in the MLS when we first started Oregon dreamin'. We fell in love with their house before we even saw in it in person but as California home prices started did our budget.

But....because Andrea is so wonderful, she answered many of our questions about Eugene and had us sold on the area before we even visited Oregon for the first time. We were lucky enough to meet Todd and Andrea at the Steelhead Brewery during our first visit to Oregon and then meet up with them again -- and meet their beautiful and big-time talented daughter (who just blew everyone away when she sang the National Anthem at the Ducks vs Huskies Men's Basketball Game on 2/14/08) and son (who has a strong supporting role in the upcoming Train Master movie) during another visit.

Unlucky for us, they are moving to Portland now but we hope to catch a Barenaked Ladies concert with them someday! Best of luck to the Walters Family -- a very boffo Oregon family!

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