Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Busy Fairies

The fairy saga continues.

Charli and her friend Riley who was over for the weekend moved the fairy area to the empty lot right next door to Charli's house. They left notes for the fairies (I know this because they came over and asked me for paper to write the notes) but the fairies couldn't get out there till they knew Charli was back to school yesterday.

Note from Charli...
Dear Fairies,
I moved your fairy home! I hope you guys won't get mad at me for moving it but I put it somewere better, you guys get shade and I brought your fairy stuff over.
Charli Jo

this is charli, by the way

Note from Riley...
Dear Fairies,
My name is Riley. The fairies at my house are maybe greedy. I just love fairies so, so much. Can you please give me a bag of things? And what do you look like? Please wright me back.

The fairies responded to Charli with abundant thanks and this was their response to Riley...
Dear Riley,
Fairies are never greedy - but we do get busy. It will be easier to take care of both you and Charli in one place - here. We love you too. We look like blooming flowers and shining stars and dreams come true.
Keep Believing...
The Fairies

The fairies left behind tiny garden pinwheels, letters that spelled out Riley, a tiny latern that lights up and loads of glitter.

The fairies just snuck out to take this picture and found another note...
Dear fairies,
When me and Riley are outside do you guys watch over us? Riley and I think fairies are just so pretty and cool. Will we get to see you guys sometime? We want to be best friends with you, but we all ready are. How old are you? What color hair do you have? What flowers are your favorite?
Love, Riley & Charli
p.s. agien we want to see you! in person!

The fairies' response...
Dear Riley & Charli,
It is best for fairies to stay hidden to human eyes ~ and we also enjoy being sneaky. :) We are "pretty and cool" but also very smart. We are as old as the stars in the sky and as young as each new day. We have all kinds of hair colors...we love all flowers and especially the ones we can wear as hats. We move around a lot but we will always come back to this wonderful spot you have made for us.
Keep Believing...
The Fairies


Brandi said...

if I ever have a daughter, I want a Charli. :-)

I *heart* purple pinwheels

Kristin said...

Charli and Riley will NEVER forget the fairies as long as they live. How magical and exciting for them. :)

Enemy of the Republic said...

I definitely believe in the fairies and in their honor, I bought a pewter diffuser to heat essential oils in their honor.

Did you ever read The Mists of Avalon?