Sunday, June 22, 2008

Aloha Fairies!

The fairies have discovered that Charli's *very* quiet friend, Riley is not quiet (at all) on paper. She has *a lot* of questions for the fairies - including their mode of transportation ~ "do you ride on birds - hummingbirds? Or butterflies? Or dragonflies?"

After toying with the idea of teeny, tiny scooters, the fairies answered that they use their wings or yes, sometimes hitch rides on butterflies and dragonflies - but not birds (as they are unpredictable).

There were immediately two more notes - one from Charli with a big thank you and one from Riley with *a lot* more questions. The fairies are starting to feel like they are on the talk show circuit and left a note today (with lots of goodies too) - that they are taking a vacation to Hawaii - and it takes a *long* time to fly there and back. The fairies will miss Charli and Riley and will be sure to let them know as soon as they are back.

Aloha dear fairies!

A picture of "fairyland" taken just now....

It really is a lovely home.


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Brandi said...

fairy land is beautiful!!!

you know, even fairies need a break sometimes-I hope they enjoy their vacation. ;-)

knoxy said...

Stinking ADORABLE.