Thursday, September 25, 2008

Church of the Painted Rocks

We live in a new development and there are lots of these rocks around. I've been painting them and leaving them in our neighbors' gardens. I completely stole this idea from the DancingMermaid.

It feels really good to do this and I also get a little scared. I feel sneaky as I plant one of these among their flowers or on their porch.*

Today, just as I was about to put one down, the neighbor's front door swung open. I held it out to her and said, "you caught me - I was leaving you a rock." She said, "you must be a Christian." And I blurted out "No." And then I was stammering, "well, I am, I guess, I don't know." And she asked me what church I go to.
"Um, I don't go to church - I just leave these rocks." :)


Anonymous said...

i was also led to dancing mermaid and went to the beach with my little kids, collected these pebbles and am encouraging them to paint & play with them. we have made a noughts & crosses game. i write messages to my 5 yr old who has just started school. he loves getting a pebble in his lunch bag. i loved your "say anything post. we are kindred no doubt.
LOL danasparkle*

jen gray said...

that is totally my kind of church!
jen gray

cynthia said...

I completely ripped off Dancing Mermaid too! When I go for a walk or run, I leave the wee painted rocks along my path...Makes me feel so lalala inside!

Anonymous said...

I like your kind of church

the camp said...

i love it!

Melissa said...

I love that....I just leave these rocks. heehee, too funny.

I also paint rocks, I didn't get the idea from that rockin' Mermaid - I don't know where I got the idea???? ~ but her's are beauty'full (so are yours). I just may 'steal' the idea of leaving them places though. How cool is that? I think I'd leave them in the city, my neighbors aren't the painted rock kind of peeps, but very nice.

~Painted Rocks Are Absolute Magick~

shinyyoga said...

me too... I dig your kind of church! : )

I laughed out loud at this post - beautiful!

thanks for sharing x