Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Thank you, Al Gore

Two of my closest and dearest friends, J. and K., are coming for a visit this week. I first met them on a message board for the author SARK.
It got me to thinking about the friends I've made because of the internets.
I met J. face-to-face in 2003, when she flew from Florida for a slumber party I was having for 30 virtual strangers. We now sport the same tattoo on the inside of our left ankles (along with our Canadian friend, V.). K. came to a pumpkin carving party I hosted. She brought a pumpkin but refused to cut it. We are forever joined by our associations with a Mr. Dave Grohl.
I have countless stories about other friends from the SARK board - slumber parties, road trippin' to San Francisco to meet SARK herself, beach parties, skinny dipping, baby showers, art dates, and more - so much more. I wouldn't know about Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers (and have my baby, Molly) if it wasn't for Rae from the SARK Board and her sharing about her wheatie, Samwise Gamgee.
And then there's Meet In Eugene. I found this group while doing research about Eugene. This is one boffo group of people and so much FUN!
Lastly, and never leastly, is my husband. We met in an AOL chat room - Southern California room - on August 11, 1996. This was before dating sites. We were just in a chat room and started "talking". An hour later, we were on the phone. Three hours later, I knew I was going to be *very* tired at work the next day. We met face-to-face 5 days later and were married on November 13, 1998.
So, in short, thank you, Al Gore for inventing the internet. :)


knox said...

Thank Jeebus for Al Gore, Virginia Grohl (Dave's mom) and for saving pumpkins.

I love you, nerd.


Tara said...

Sammy loves his Aunty Dish and Unca Shmoop.


Kristin said...

Who invented the "fringed" flyers where you tear off one fringe with the phone number written on it. I want to thank that person.

luv u.

Anonymous said...

Al Gore WHO? i thought william gibson invented the internet? have i missed the joke? *sigh.. probably.. thats what happens when you are stuck in the backwaters of this global planet. mazzie from downunder xx
ps. i love u sark friends !

nicole said...

y o u