Sunday, February 19, 2012

Size 18 Jeans & Onward

I went clothes shopping yesterday and tried on a pair of size 22 jeans (I was wearing a size 24 at the time that were too big). The 22s were HUGE on me.

The saleslady was all, "you need an 18". I was all, "yeah right".

I ended up with the 18 (and they're a tad loose).

They were having a buy one/get one half off sale and I asked my shopping buddy if she wanted the half off ones because I wasn't going to get 2 pairs of jeans. She did.

BUT, then I thought, oh, shoot, I could have got a pair of size 16 because I'll be needing those.

And that's how I know this time is for keeps.

I have never been so confident, so sure in my life. I just know that I'll be in a size 16, 14, 12, etc. in no time.

It's fun and scary and thrilling and 40.5 lbs gone since November 21.

Onward. :)


jamie said...

This makes me smile big :-)

Woz said...

Go Dishie! You are killing it, girlie!!

Trisha said...

Love you both!!