Saturday, March 15, 2008

Almost Spring

What is there to do in Junction City the weekend before the first day of Spring?

You wait for the slightest break in the clouds...

And head for the Daffodil Festival, of course!

On the drive there, you marvel at the sights...

Maybe one of these will be part of your life in December?

Tromping through mud is so worth it (even if your husband thinks you don't know how to drive in mud (hmph!)....

You learn the difference between sheep,


and Llamas.

Buy your kettle korn for the ride home and your cinnamon rolls for tomorrow morning and take a bundle of spring home with you...

Happy Almost Spring!!


Dandelion seeds said...

oh *sigh* I remember heading out the door in seattle whenever there was a break in the clouds too.

gorgeous pics!!!


Tricia said...

beautiful pics, Dish!!!


Kristin said...

So pretty . . . I can't wait for spring to spring! XOXO

mccabe said...

love this!!!
daffodils are one of the happiest flowers
i think.
they instantly brighten up any space.

thanks for sharing your

mccabe xx

Chickaboom said...

Which one's the llama??? :)