Sunday, March 9, 2008

Making Friends in Oregon

Malcolm and I went to a surprise birthday party today for Earl. We met Earl and his wonderful wife Rebecca through MeetInEugene.

The theme for the party was to recreate a local ice cream shop that Earl had always wanted to go to and had since closed down (I heard at the party that it was a Farrell's at one time ~ some of my So Cal homies are already smiling about their Farrell's memories).

We were to dress in costumes that were "nostalgic over-the-top kids' party, such as magicians, clowns (non-scary, please), cowboys, ponies, pirates, ninjas, whatever." So...I went as a cowgirl and Malcolm was a pilot for UPS.

(too bad you can't see my pink cowgirl boots).

We partied with a hippie, a zookeeper, a fortune teller and a rodeo clown.

We ate pizza and ring pops and candy necklaces and pixie sticks.

And then we had some out of this world ice cream cake made by Rebecca who is a renowned pastry chef in Eugene.

Earl the birthday boy making a wish.

We didn't get to stay too long because I'm trying to manage some back pain but we had a blast and can't wait to spend more time with our new friends ~ but maybe not eat so much sugar next time! :)

One more peek at the cowgirl cutie...;)

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