Saturday, March 29, 2008

Baby Got BACK

On Wednesday, I had an L4-5 microlaminotomy and diskectomy. They removed the piece of disc that has been pressing on my nerve for many years. In other words, OUCHIE. it is Saturday and I have a huge bandage on my back but the nerve pain is gone as is the crampiness and numbness that I was feeling in my legs for a couple of days after the surgery. I'm doped up and watching bad tv and reading good books

I'm stuck at home...which is fine as it was just hailing 5 minutes ago...

It snowed a little bit yesterday.

I am getting the staples out of my back on Thursday and then I'll start physical therapy in 6 weeks for the herniated disc.

Thanks for your well wishes, calls and cards. It really means the world to me.



GraciePaige said...

Sending you wishes for a speedy recovery and no more pain.


mccabe said...

that sounds really painful...
i am glad you have the time and space
to heal gently.
wishing you a peaceful recovery,
be well!

mccabe x