Thursday, April 3, 2008

Staples Out...I'm Back Baby!

I got the staples removed from my back today. I was deathly afraid that it was going to hurt so bad. I planned to be gone for hours. I thought they would knock me out or give me something major to ease the pain. I thought I would be fully undressed, in a butt baring gown and face down in a cold, sterile room. I was ready to ~ okay, not go fully towards the light but maybe have a teensy out of body experience.


I hitched down my pants a little, bent over the examining table and looked out the window while the physician's assistant plucked them out with a glorified staple remover.

Anyway, I'm doing good and it's not itching as bad it had been. I hardly have any swelling or redness; it's healing nicely and I start physical therapy next week. And I am in very minimal pain. Thank you, Dr. Keiper!!

We went to the mall afterward (I hadn't been out of the house in over a week) and I fully treated myself.

Super cute shirt from Torrid ~ suitable for Malcolm's Guitar Hero birthday party next weekend and for the Foos in Portland in July with my sisters from other misters. A new journal and a pack of 24 markers. The Eckhart Tolle book so I can jump on the Oprah bandwagon ~ oh, I mean "awaken to my life's purpose". :) And a bunch of jangly silver bracelets.

I feel more like myself right now than I have in months.


Shmoopie said...

You were such a trooper! You did so good, you deserved a day out!

D said...

YEAH babay
While we're getting all officey products here, do they have an embosser to stamp a pretty little star over your scar? ;)


Kristin said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better. XOXO

GraciePaige said...

Hooray for being footloose and staple-free. So jealous of your treats.