Friday, December 23, 2011

No Pie? No Ham? No Cheesecake?

One of the things that's been interesting to me while doing a weight loss plan during the "HOLIDAYS" is that I'm left to wonder what these holidays are about when I take food out of the equation.

I plan my meals one day ahead and for Thanksgiving, I planned on turkey, green beans, yams with berries for dessert. Then it hit me. No pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving??!?! How is it Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie?

So I really started looking. What is Thanksgiving without pie, without stuffing myself till I hurt, without food? For me, it was a really fun day with friends who are family, playing games and laughing. And I ate well and was satisfied. I wasn't hungry. I wasn't stuffed and I didn't feel guilty.

Something to definitely be thankful for.

It came up again for Christmas - what? no ham? No cheesecake? Nope. I'm making a beef roast, green beans, yams and an apple/pineapple fruit thing for dessert. But I'm not giving up the presents!! And next year, I'll be looking for some new clothes under the tree!!

I'm also practicing being conscious and present to what I do have - not what I "can't" have.

And, as far as what I "can't" have, I had my fair share of all of that stuff (and probably your share too). I definitely didn't miss out in life on all the goodies and desserts and all that. And not to say I'll never have them again but for now, I'm not and so far, so good. :)


Jamie said...

You bring up a really interesting point. I think a lot of us use preparing elaborate feasts as a way to pass the time with family without any awkward pauses throughout the day. We're grown ups. We don't normally spent eight hour days with our mamas anymore. But if you're cooking a feast together, you'll never run short on conversation, usually because your (my) mama is always telling me how to make food ;-) I love that you are putting a lot of thought into this. I have a feeling that this is going to be the reason that you succeed this time. You're not just not eating to lose weight. I gotta feelin'.... You're awesome, my friend :-) Cannot WAIT until the first day that you do have to go clothes shopping!

Jamie said...

I really like what you said about having had your fair share of treats and then some. The normal part of my brain recognizes that fact, too, and tells the not-so-normal part of my brain that there has to be balance, so now I need to balance out the last three years spent eating 27 cookies in a day ;-)

Trisha said...

I hear you, Jamie-kins. It's definitely not easy. Simple, yes but easy? No.