Thursday, May 17, 2012


This photo (taken this past Sunday, May 13) surprised me.

Usually I see a photo like this - and I ask the person to remove it from Facebook. I look at my face, and my body and then I usually need some time to myself.

The first thing I thought when I saw this was, "I look normal!".

Not that being overweight (which I still am) isn't normal. I just didn't have one bad thing to say or think (even with messy hair, no make-up and a spatula in my hand). It just is. And I love that girl.

Even more surprising was this photo I saw the other day. It was taken 1 month and 1 week before I started this weight loss journey.

Holy crap. This made me feel depressed for a few moments and then I got it. I've lost 72.5 pounds since this photo was taken.

I have. 




And nobody is more surprised than me.


Your Shmoopie said...

I'm so GD proud of you, I can't even say. More than losing weight, you are changing your life. You ARE. YOU! As much as the numbers, that is something you can and should be extremely proud of.

Woz said...

shmoop is right -- you are changing your life! i love watching you on this journey because you are freaking rocking it!

as for normal - meh, you are anything but normal. and i absolutely love that. ;)

julie said...

you know, i never really noticed your weight much because you've always had such a big gorgeous spirit that kind of blocked me from seeing anything else. that being said, i am so very happy for you for reaching your goals and i think you look great and you're hilarious!

Tania said...

You go girlfriend! Embrace your inner you, and continue to inspire the rest of us to do so!

lunchy said...

I'm with Julie... I never really paid much attention to your weight. I just paid attention to the fun I had when I'm with you. But even though I wasn't noticing the weight, I did notice how it held you back from certain things. And I'm so glad that you are losing the reasons not to do things :-) Very proud of you, my friend. xo

Kristin said...

"I just didn't have one bad thing to say or think...and I love that girl." This brought a tear to my eye. This may have all started as a weight loss journey, but it has become so much more. I am SO PROUD of you, not just your "sticktoitiveness" but also your new self-awareness. YOU are now seeing the beautiful woman we all know, love, and have been seeing for years. xoxo